Do you have a bad laptop and you haven’t made any money with it yet?

Make money with laptopLet’s face it, we tend to forget that the durability of our consuming goods is getting worse in our accelerated world. Sometimes we just think about our previous phone or our good old car which lasted much longer than we expected. It is definitely not a coincidence. Mass production and depleted minerals, stricter environmental regulations have also led to a deterioration in the durability of products. On the other hand, we can also talk about the planned limitation period, because economic growth needs to be maintained. We need a new phone or laptop for an ever-shorter period of time.

Are we sure we have to give up on what went wrong?

Mostly, we don’t! Nevertheless, sales numbers are growing rapidly at a faster rate than population growth would dictate. The Asian market sells roughly 7% more laptops and tablets than in the previous year. It has two possible reasons: First,  sales of desktop computers are decreasing and portable devices are gaining ground. This trend has been increasing for 10 years. Also, there is a growing need for replacements of these gadgets. It is a huge market and with the purchase of new devices, the sale and servicing of used devices have become an ever-growing and thriving business.

Soon, we will discuss how you can be a part of this.

The problems that make us give up on our old laptop are usually easy to handle.

The 7 most common reasons people buy a new laptop

Heating and noise

In most cases, the cooling of laptops is designed as follows; a heat sink layer – mostly a copper plate – is placed on the processor and this surface is cooled by a fan. This solution is similar to desktop computers, but here, the engineers need to solve it in a much smaller place. There is also a heat conducting grease between the processor and heat sink layer, which causes to transfer as much heat as possible to the copper plate. Although, this grease happens to dry out in 1-2 years and stops transferring heat properly. Thus, the processor begins to heat up and signals the fan to run at higher speeds. This is when the noise begins. When the fan is no longer able to cool the processor enough, our laptop starts to slow down. Replacing the fan and the heat conducting grease is possible in a service shop or we can do it ourselves at a very low price with half an hour of work.

Soon, I will talk about it.

BSOD – Blue Screen of Death

This error can be occurred by the hard disk drive (HDD) sometimes. First of all, defragmentation of the disk might help and all the modern Windows operation systems can do it. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, you should replace the HDD. If there is a common HDD in the laptop, then it is advisable to switch to a solid-state drive (SSD) which gives us a significant speed increase.

The other possible reason for BSOD maybe the memory module. If we have an opportunity, we should check these as well. Many software can help us, but checking manually can often be successful because quite often we just have to move the modules a bit. In more difficult cases, sadly, they need to be replaced. Fortunately, all the necessary equipment can be found in stores or on the Internet for this operation.

Broken hinge

The display is usually attached to the laptop with 2 hinges. If we don’t try to open it right in the middle, these hinges are constantly rolling from the motions. After a while, they break off from this enforcement. Mostly the bushings at the bottom of the case tend to break, not the hinge itself. The replacement of the case is a bit harder because most of the time we have to remove the motherboard as well. This is an hourly work to a specialist.

Display error

It is a common error if some pixels are no longer lit on the screen or the display is smudged. Although the problem seems large, we still don’t have to give up on repairing the machine. In fact, it is, even more, easier to repair than a broken hinge. The display is held under a cover by a few screws, so if we remove the cover and the screws, in a few minutes, a completely new display can be inserted into the machine. 

Power-supply charging fault

Perhaps this is the rarest error on the list. The charger is plugged into the laptop, but it doesn’t charge and the machine cannot be turned on. It’s very annoying. This problem seems surely unsolvable but actually, this is a very low budget repairing within 5-10 mins. The connector head is plugged into an approx. 2-centimeter adapter part and this supplies power to the motherboard. This rarely goes wrong. Replacing it takes only a few minutes and its part is also very cheap.

Battery error

Depending of usage, battery life is usually 2-3 years. After a while, they can operate our machine for less and less time. Replacing the battery is only 1 minute. This part is located on the outside of the laptop and can be removed by pulling a latch and so the new part can go in. It is really simple.

Keyboard problem

Keyboards only guarantee operation for a limited number of keystrokes. After that, some keys won’t work. Sometimes the careless owner pours the drink on the keyboard so the buttons get stuck. Replacement of it is a 4-5 minute operation and we don’t even have to disassemble the laptop very much.


If you want to buy a new laptop because of any of these errors, my opinion is: not to do so. For a fraction of the price of a new machine, you can use services or you can fix it or upgrade it yourself. After that, it’s your decision whether you want to sell it at a better price than if you thought it was bad or keep using it. 

And here comes the part you were waiting for while reading the whole article!

Many specialists earn a high income from buying laptops, tablets or gaming consoles that the owners thought were bad, so they can fix it or upgrade it with some time and a small amount of part cost. With this, they can achieve a profit up to 300-500%. 

And now let’s see my great news for you!

Easier said than done? You can do it with the help of Dave’s opinion blog! Dave will show you in a detailed article how you can fix your broken laptop yourself and how you can gain significant income by repairing secondhand stuffs. Also, this is a wonderful thing as it can help to ease your eco footprint in the world, while you are doing useful work and making money. It is a fantastic combination and you can do it all from the comfort of your home.

— Dave


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Why a contact center should opt for Work From Home solution?

work from home WFH

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the way businesses work. With lockdowns being implemented across the world and social distancing guidelines being issued, we saw organizations adopting a work from home model. Contact centers were no exception. Businesses moved their contact center agents to work remotely.

Saying that remote working for a contact center poses its own challenges will not be wrong. From proving agent infrastructure like a chair, table to laptops, etc to a secure network and right tools and technology to handle calls – its a process in itself. However, having the right technology partner by your side significantly takes off the burden.

In this article, we will discuss some reasons why its time for contact centers to go for a work from home solution.

Remote Working is Here to Stay

Even though businesses were forced into going for a work from home arrangement due to the pandemic but now they are considering this as a long term solution. Partly it’s because of the uncertainties due to the COVID-19 virus but a lot of it is due to the benefits of working remotely too. May big brands like Google, Twitter, Salesforce, etc have already announced the extension of work from home, From cost to maintenance of contact centers – organizations are realizing the pros of remote working outweigh the cons. Thus, it won’t be wrong to say that remote working can very well be the new way of working.

Cost Benefits

One of the biggest reasons why remote or virtual contact centers are gaining popularity is due to the cost benefits. With the agents working from home, the companies are saving up on the infrastructure cost – office space, electricity bill, furniture, and other overhead costs. More importantly, now the organization can go for a cloud contact center solution that requires minimum to no infrastructure – the agents and supervisors can log in from anywhere, anytime using just a laptop/mobile phone and internet connection. Thus, eliminating the need to set up a dedicated space for an on-premise solution.

Overcoming Agent Infrastructure Challenges

For the call center agents to work effectively from their homes, they need to have access to similar, if not the same tools and technology at their homes. When working from office the agents have a laptop, call center software to manage calls, a secure network along other internal systems that they might be using. However, things become tricky when the agents are working remotely and don’t have the same infrastructure available. That’s when a work from home solution comes in handy. You need to opt for a remote call center solution vendor that lets your agents work using their laptops, smartphones, or even their feature phones or fixed lines. Only then can you expect to maintain consistently high agent productivity and customer satisfaction.

Remote Monitoring of Agents

Now that your agents are working from home, as a supervisor you need to be able to track their performance and take corrective action. Having a work from home contact center solution that allows you to do that remotely is what you need. A remote contact center solution with live dashboards to monitor the number of available agents, call volume, average wait time, etc while also providing reports for a detailed analysis. At the same time, a work from home solution is also needed to identify any gaps or issues with the agents’ devise. As a manager, you need to be able to trust the data and make well-informed insightful decisions.


If the pandemic has taught us anything, its that one should always be prepared for uncertain and difficult times. As a business too it is important for the management to ensure that they are investing in technology that will last in such times too. Thus, it is essential to choose a contact center technology partner that allows you the flexibility to easily migrate from your existing setup (eg, on-premise) to the new one (on-cloud) or vice-versa when the need arises. The true testament of a contact center solution lies in the way it makes the lives of your agents and supervisors easier while ensuring consistently high levels of customer satisfaction. Because if your agents and customers are happy, your bottom line will be happy too!

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Top Covid-19 resilient tech careers

image source:

The world is facing its worst health crisis in a century. The Covid-19 pandemic has killed more than 400,000 people, infected millions, and brought the economy to a standstill. Its changes to the economy and society have been nothing short of profound, with an unprecedented number of jobs destroyed across all industries.

In March, the International Labor Organization (ILO) predicted that nearly 25 million jobs could be lost by the end of 2020. Later, the organization acknowledged that the actual number could be significantly higher. The US has seen an unprecedented number of people file for unemployment, and 57 percent of Americans surveyed recently report being worried about losing their jobs.

Millions of laid-off workers around the world are now looking for new opportunities, and many are turning to the tech sector. This industry offers some of the safest career paths today, particularly as thousands of companies worldwide realize the importance of digitalization, remote work, and moving to platforms. 

These are some of the career paths in tech with the best prospects:

Database Administration

Database Administrators create, update, and manage databases and associated programs. They are responsible for ensuring a database is accessible and functions as intended. They play a critical role in many companies, especially those that generate large amounts of data. 

A Database Administrator also needs to ensure a database is secure by protecting confidential information and setting up the right user permissions. They work with other Database Administrators and other professionals to ensure an application can consume and amend information from a database correctly. In many cases, a Database Administrator stores internal information rather than information used for a specific app.

The Bureau of Labour Statistics predicts that demand for these professionals will grow by 9 percent in the next ten years. The median salary for a Database Administrator is $90,070.

One of the best-paid career options for Database Administrators is to become Data Scientists. These professionals are in charge of collecting and analyzing vast amounts of data. Companies used their findings to make decisions critical to their bottom line. The Data Scientist turns massive lists of data into actionable recommendations that help a business achieve its goals. They are one of the most in-demand professionals in the sector.

Marketing is a very lucrative industry for Data Scientists. Insights produced by a Data Scientist can tell a retail store which products to stock or recommend to a customer. In combination with modern Artificial Intelligence techniques like machine learning, Data Scientists can play an important role in creating targeted campaigns that boost sales.

The average salary for a Data Scientist last year was $120,495.

Systems Administration

According to LinkedIn, Systems Operator is the second most in-demand job right now in the US. Network and Systems Administrators manage complex systems that are vital to the functioning of businesses and organizations. These professionals are in-demand today in virtually every industry in the country, with the Bureau of Labour Statistics predicting that the number of job openings for this position will grow by 5 percent from 2018 to 2028 

Every business can potentially employ Network and Systems Administrators. These professionals earn high salaries, even compared to other technology jobs. In 2018, the median salary for this profession was $82,050

A job closely related is DevOps Consultant. DevOps is a combination of two teams, the development team and the operations team. The two groups work together to create products faster and more efficiently. 

To pursue a career as a DevOps Consultant, you must first gain experience as a DevOps Engineer. You need a bachelor’s degree in computer science or computer engineering and years of experience in software development and systems operations. 

Additional qualifications, like the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional, make you a competitive candidate for DevOps jobs. As a DevOps Consultant, your duty is to help companies implement software development principles to optimize applications. You answer to company leadership and liaise for management, software developers, and the IT team, combining their unique views into actionable steps. You need excellent technical skills for this role.

In 2019, the average salary for a DevOps Engineer was $99,604.

In this category, we also have IT Infrastructure Engineers. These professionals ensure that all the IT systems that support businesses of any size function efficiently. With global connections predicted to reach 3.5 billion by 2023, the demand for Remote Engineers can only go up. IT Infrastructure Engineers have the flexibility of being able to work remotely. 

Infrastructure Engineers work with Internet connections, cabling, virtualization platforms, and storage area networks. They ensure all the systems within an organization function seamlessly. A Network Infrastructure Engineer works on-site or remotely evaluating all the systems within an infrastructure.

These professionals interact with all vendors on behalf of their organizations and must possess excellent written and spoken communication skills.

The average salary for this position is $72,323 a year.

Software Development

From phone apps to Internet browsers, Software Engineers are responsible for many of the programs that power the modern economy. Every industry in the world uses the software of some kind, so the demand for this type of engineer isn’t waning anytime soon.

Moreover, consider this: almost 6 in 10 employers would consider changing their work-from-home policies if their workers were able to maintain productivity during the pandemic, according to a March survey from Monster. To enable workers to do their jobs from home, the software architecture that powers remote digital services need to be built and maintained. As demand for the services increase, so will job in this area. 

There are several paths to a career as a software developer if you’re interested in this growing field. Some developers opt for a bachelor’s degree or even a master’s in computer science. But more and more tech companies and other employers are favoring workers with practical experience in developing software applications. This is why you should consider attending a coding boot camp.

The median salary in 2018 for Software Developers was $105,590 a year or $51 an hour. In 2018, there were 1,365,500 people employed in this area, but this is expected to grow by 21 percent by 2028.

UX/UI Design

Someone has to design all of the web pages and applications we use every day. The people who design these products are in high demand and command handsome salaries, which makes a career in UX/UI design very attractive.

A User Experience (UX) Designer focuses on how users experience a product. Their goal is to create a product that is as easy to use and as intuitive as possible. They conduct research that exposes the potential challenges customers may face with a given product. Based on their findings, UX Designers make changes to a design or feature to optimize the user experience.

On the other hand, a User Interface (UI) Designer is responsible for creating a product’s overall design. Their responsibilities may include choosing the colors of a website or making sure that the font is as readable as possible. They also assess the accessibility of design and the overall style of each element. UI Designers use the information gathered by UX Designers to create beautiful and functional designs.

In short, the UX Designer conducts research and identifies problems customers face with a product. They then pass that information to the UI Designer, who uses it to create an attractive and functional design for the product.

Breaking into a Career in Tech

If you are considering starting down a path in the tech sector, you first need to acquire the necessary technical skills and knowledge. To do this, you have several options at your disposal. The traditional route is to study computer science at a university or college to earn an academic degree. Many tech employers indeed favor university graduates.

A second—and increasingly more popular—the path is to attend a coding boot camp. Bootcamps allow you to acquire the skills you need to have your foot at the door in a short time. In less than fifteen weeks of intense, practical training, you will learn the basics of your chosen profession and will be ready to apply for jobs. 

More and more people are choosing coding boot camps over studying full-time at a university. This is because boot camps represent a much smaller time and money investment and are considered the smarter alternative. 

Finally, many tech sector hopefuls choose to teach themselves. Depending on how disciplined and able to motivate yourself you are, this may be the right option for you.

~ Artur Meyster


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5 best Android apps for online shopping in India


Undoubtedly, online shopping is slowly and gradually injected in every vein of shopping lovers. People earlier used to shop offline –pay visit to retail physical store– for their daily needs. But, now with emergence of online shopping portals, the trend has changed drastically. Now, every 1 out of 4 shoppers is shopping online. Why? It is simple, convenient and delivers at your doorstep (mostly free).

In the recent past, India is bombarded with huge chunks of online shopping portals specializing in selling all types of products and services. Below is a list of best five shopping apps which are commonly used by online buyers and have gained great goodwill within a short span of time.


flipkartWith smartphones quickly taking over this generation like a wave, it is only natural for brands to come up with an app and Flipkart is no exception. The free to download app of the shopping website brings all the goodies to your smartphone with an added advantage of convenience. The product listings on Flipkart app shows images of products, close up images, user reviews and ratings. It is also easy to browse products with this apps as it uses swipe gesture to display next or previous product. Users can also see their recently browsed product on this app even when the phone is not connected to the Internet. Placing order through Flipkart app is also as easy as on the website with all payment options provided. Once you have placed the order, checking order details and tracking the order delivery is a breeze. The app also comes with social media integration so that user can share the interesting product listings with their contacts and friends. Also, installing the app will get you some sweet discounts as Flipkart regularly comes up with deals exclusive for app users.


amazonThe top rival of Flipkart, Amazon has also got a free to download app hosted on the smartphone app world for its users. This app again is the splitting mirror image of the website of Amazon and shows products category wise including Today’s deal, recently viewed items and recommendations from Amazon based on user searches. Placing an order on the app is also a breeze since it allows user to make payment online using a credit or debit card, through gift card and cash on delivery. Also, once the order has been placed, users can track the progress details with a single click. The app will also send you notifications when the order is shipped and when it is out for delivery. If amazon is your go-to website for online shopping, it is a must to install the app since the website offers some exclusive deals only to its app users.


snapdealSnapdeal is another major e-commerce website that has a great app on different OS platform app store for its users. This app encompasses all the features and layout of the website in the skin of Material design for visual appeal. Snapdeal app also shows all products hosted on the website under categories and makes it easier to browse them. The app also lets you shop right from its interface with order tracking and all other bells and whistles. Moreover, users can recommend products to their contacts through social media and win rewards. Another feather in the hat of the app is that it features instant payments of prepaid mobile recharges, postpaid mobile bills, electricity bills, gas bills and DTH recharges as well.


ebayIn the online shopping domain, eBay happens to be the oldest and one of the most used websites. It is only natural for the website to come up with its own app to cater to its smartphone users. eBay app on the smartphone gives users all the features including the Buy it now as well as bid for the product, which is quite interesting feature. One aspect that puts eBay ahead of its competitors is that it allows users to post their products for selling without much complications like Amazon or Flipkart. This makes eBay a complete e-commerce solution for anyone out there.


paytmPaytm is a website that was mainly an online recharge provider, however, it has now went on to evolve into an online shopping website with good deals and cashback offers. Paytm is known to offer cash-backs on almost entire catalog in form of Paytm wallet cash, which has resulted in its increasing popularity among its competitors. Moreover, the app also lets user recharge metro card, Gold Loan & Insurance Premium payment and electricity bills to name a few. This makes Paytm an all-in-one solution for anyone who prefers shopping or paying bills from the comfort of their homes.

With so many online shopping portals, confusion related to pricing of the product in buyers’ mind is definite. Am I buying it for right (lowest) price? To clarify this problem, several price comparison sites have cropped up in the recent past. Out of all, PriceRaja is one price comparison android app where you can compare all prices available on different online sellers at once. You can also compare up to 4 product in a go. What more? The app also gives you a comprehensive list of trending deals and coupons available on the internet. [top image source]

~Sanjeev Kumar


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4 must-try communication tools for growing businesses

broadband_2529443bAll businesses, whether small or big companies, need effective communication tools to boost the efficiency of every employee at work. By having an excellent way to communicate with all of the people across the board, you can get to work properly and at the same time successfully. No miscommunications will get in your way too.

One of the most significant things that you need to focus on when starting your own business is communication. You have to consider how to convey messages to everyone in a well-organized manner. Thus, it is important to choose the ideal communication tools to utilize for your business.

Moreover, if you are in search for the business broadband, for instance, then go for the one that delivers remarkable customer service and state-of-the-art products. Here are the following communication tools to improve the internal developments as well as customer experience in your company:

Email Hosting
A company email is a necessary component of your job. This is where you send and receive important messages to and from clients. Hence, if you have your own business, then it is time for you to get a refined and reliable email provider, like Google. With this, you are able to obtain an email address with your own company name, which is absolutely personalized and more systematized.

File Sharing
To make it more convenient for you, there are already easier ways to share files these days. There is no need for you to email important files one by one to your colleague or client or save it on a flash drive and give it to your co-worker. Dropbox is a perfect example to share your files faster and without any hassle. You can also update or add files here and the changes made will be seen in an instant on the shared person’s computer.

Website Platform
In order to acquire the website that you desire, you may hire a dependable web developer to build it. It is best that you go for a trusted one, so that you are sure enough your site will be hosted properly. All you would ever want is for your website to rank on Google search, right? Thus, you have to go for the one that will engage clients and make them purchase your own products or services.

Company Intranet
Having a private network could be a great method in centralizing news and other important matters to all employees. However, do not confuse it with the internet. An intranet is exclusive to just a single entity. It is an excellent communication tool in a workplace for it brings clear and specific details across the company.

On the whole, you may use the four communication tools mentioned above for your growing business. It will never be easy to manage a business. Nevertheless, you have the means and power to make it successful. If everyone in your workplace cooperates and works hand in hand with one another, then your business will undoubtedly pave its way to triumph.


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Gaming as sport: The popularity of Esports as the digital wave rises

Esports or eSports

Esports or eSports [credit]

Today we live in a digital world, a fact backed up by the fact that mobile devices outnumber the amount of humans on earth. Almost everything we do in this day and age is moving towards digital, with entertainment being near the forefront.

Sports as a whole has found itself walking the digital path, and it is only growing from year to year. Goal-line technology has been introduced in football, while cricket, rugby and tennis all have their respective digital umpires. Perhaps a bigger threat to the traditional sporting enthusiasts is Esports (also known as eSports, e-sports, competitive gaming, electronic sports, or progaming in Korea), which removes the physical aspect of sports entirely.

For those unfamiliar with Esports, it pits two video game players in front of an audience and requires the gamers to play each other until there is a victor. This form of competition is now starting to generate massive audiences while the signs all point towards Esports becoming a major player in entertainment as the digital wave rises.

Video game competitions, however are nothing new. Nintendo held the World Championships for years in the early 90’s, but online gaming, and improved realistic feature in games, has really sent the Esports interest into the stratosphere.

Asia has been a major player bringing Esports into the spotlight. South Korea made coverage of various tournaments available to spectators using a streaming platform. The high internet speeds allowed viewers to watch uninterrupted while the images of these tournaments have led to higher demand in physical attendance, thus forcing promotors to use arena’s to host the competitions. World Cyber Games, one of the originals, started off with a bang in South Korea and China, and has since moved onto locations such as USA, Italy and Germany just to name a few. These tournaments are also used to promote new games, where the competition will revolve around gamers taking each other on over a newly released gaming product.

WCG 2006 Warcraft 3 Winners

WCG 2006 Warcraft 3 Winners [credit]

With increased popularity also comes attention from the previously uninterested traditional world. took advantage by setting up a dedicated Esports streaming channel which has in turn made modest celebrities out of certain gamers.

Sponsorship has also jumped on the bandwagon. Energy drinks and computer hardware companies are among the biggest backers to sponsorship revenue. Online sports betting agencies are sitting up and taking attention, as has set up its own Esports betting website. Betway isn’t the only online gaming site to take advantage of the gaming culture as has offered video game themed slots for over a decade in the shape of Hitman and Tomb Raider.

So Esports has managed to build itself as a highly sustainable business, but how seriously is it being taken by the traditional sporting fraternity? ESPN was asked whether it would ever consider broadcasting Esports, to which the president replied that he saw Esports as more of a ‘competition’ rather than a sport. Therefore it looks like it could take a significant amount of time before traditionalists are touting Esports as a potential Olympic addidtion, however the Esports industry has managed to accumulate a team of lawyers to ensure the legally secure future of the circus.

Awesome audiences [credit]

Awesome audiences [credit]

Audiences are so easily organised via the internet that the numbers just continue to grow, while feedback ensures that the events are always being updated and improved. The whole gaming landscape has been changed by Esports, as it has opened up another avenue for game sales which never existed.

Supporters of traditional sports are more likely to buy sporting equipment used by their heroes, while the same applies in the gaming world. Razer has released a special limited edition gaming controller used by competitors. Verizon, a large US telecommunications conglomerate, has announced that it will be shifting more focus towards Esports.

All the writing is on the wall that Esports is becoming a force to be reckoned with, and should viewer number surpass a certain figure, it will be hard for the traditional world to ignore it much longer.



Images of internals of iPhone 6S surface on Internet

Images of Internals of iPhone 6S Surface on Internet

Images of Internals of iPhone 6S Surface on Internet

As the date of launch of iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus draw near (there are speculations that Apple is planning to unveil both these phones during its annual keynote conference), more and more images of internals of iPhone 6 are surfacing over internet.

These leaked images back claims made by insiders that the company is working to make substantial changes in the internal design of the phone while leaving the outside of the new iPhone relatively unchanged.

One of these images that have been released on internet is the one carried out by French website, where one can see a single unified flex cable connecting internals of the iPhone 6S. These parts include the rear camera, the volume and power controls, and the LED flash. In comparison, Apple makes use of not one but two separate cables to achieve these connections between internal components. This image reveals the fact that there will be no respite from a protruding ring on the back of the iPhone that is the result of the rear camera. This design feature of iPhone 6 gas been criticized by its owners as it prevents the device from lying flat on its back.

Another feature of iPhone 6 that Apple has not tinkered with is its home button. One can see the same rectangular golden design option that is currently available to the owners of iPhone 6. It is expected that the company will launch both iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus this fall. There are rumors that both these phones will boast better specifications such as a faster A9 processor and an improved 2 GB of RAM. The rear and the front cameras of these devices would be of 12MP and 5MP respectively.


There are rumors doing rounds that Apple might switch to 7000 series aluminum that is believed to be tougher and lighter than aluminum used in the present iPhone 6. Many experts are also expecting Apple to take cue from its rose gold color option of Apple watch and use the same in its new iPhone 6S. However, there has been no announcement to this effect from the company so far. Only time will tell if there are only cosmetic changes in the design  of iPhone 6S or Apple decides to upgrade iPhone6 completely and introduce two totally new versions of iPhone to its loyal fans across the world.

– Monica

Poki: the Netflix of free games

poki gamesSo here’s a cool find for you guys. Netflix is addicting in its own right- maybe that’s why we’re all still waiting for it! On some days, there’s nothing better than curling up with a tub of ice cream and your favorite series on portals like iFlix though, am I right?

Now, what if I told you guys that there’s a games portal that does the same thing Netflix does with series, except with games? Say hello to Poki games which, unlike Netflix, is totally free to use.

If you’re already a casual indie gamer, then you might already recognize the games on Poki from and that’s because Gameskeren is now Poki, except cooler and more like Netflix. How, you ask? It’s simple

Just like Netflix gives you follow-up suggestions every time you log in, Poki gives you game suggestions they think you’ll appreciate the next time you want to play.

Both systems work with the same kind of  ‘algorithm’ so to speak. Most of you probably already know how cookies work, you know how some sites ask you to agree to the use of their cookies? It has something to do with that. Cookies allow websites to track your activity (in a non-invasive way) so that they can tailor your experience in a way that won’t leave you bored.

In Netflix, if you’ve been watching Blacklist for example, they’ll probably recommend that you watch White Collar next. At Poki, if you’ve been on to play some Minion games after watching the movie, they’ll probably recommend more movie-inspired games to play too. It all comes down to the joy of giving gamers a reason to stick around.

Are you game? Let us know which games you like the most.

– JvD

Suns out guns out: Springtime guide finessing your finances

Financial-planningAfter the exceptionally long winter this year, it’s finally safe to say that spring is here to stay – at least for now. Whether it’s getting dirt under your fingernails out in your backyard, playing a round of golf, or even just sitting outside a café, the warmer season just makes everything seem inviting.

But before you roll up your sleeves to acknowledge the pleasant warmth of the sun, you need to first reevaluate your financial priorities for the rest of the year. A lot may have changed over the past few months, and some seasonal touch-ups here and there will do you good.

Gather Everything in One Neat Pile

Are you aware of the statuses of each and every credit card you’ve ever owned? Do you know where your tax returns are from two years ago? You can’t manage anything you don’t have all the information for; it’s as simple as that. That’s why it’s important to manage your finances once you have a complete overview of all your assets and liabilities in one place.

Gather together pay stubs, bills, loans, credit cards all into one neat pile. I’m not talking about a literal stack of paper (although it can be). It can be an excel spreadsheet, a drawer in your desk, or even a color coded filing cabinet. Wherever you decide to store it, the point is to stay completely organized.

Write Everything Down

Make sure to keep a record of everything. Keep track of all your expenses; some may be deductible for tax purposes. It is also important to make sure you are keeping track of all your sources of income so you pay the IRS the right amount in income tax. Being tax code savvy is crucial, as long winded and convoluted as it may seem. Some sources of income are less conspicuous than others, and sometimes you are not required to report it to the IRS. For example, did you know that if you rent out your apartment/home for 14 days or less you do not have to report it? This type of supplemental income has become more popular with services such as Airbnb. These kinds of intricacies in the tax code necessitate thorough records. I don’t think I’m over-generalizing when I say that no one wants to deal with an IRS audit.


Evaluate your financial situation. Have you been straying from your budget goals? Are there costs you can reduce? Can you afford to spend more? If you are doing better financially you should look into refinancing any outstanding loans you may have. You could save substantial sums by shopping around with a loan aggregator and refinancing your loans for a lower interest rate. Using Achieve Lending’s loan search engine will help you find multiple offers for easy comparison with zero hassle in just a few clicks.

What we routinely promote at Achieve Lending is fiscal responsibility. In doing so, we believe in going the extra mile by offering the right knowledge and tools to individuals that need it.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to roll up those sleeves and finesse your finances with some good old spring cleaning. You’ll thank yourself come summer when your finances are neater than your kitchen counter.

About the Author

Allen Kors is the Founder and CEO of Achieve Lending, the first ever search engine for education loans. Designed to help both traditional and non-traditional students find the best student loans, Achieve Lending offers users a free online portal to search, find, and compare student loans, often in as little as 30 seconds.

Kors founded Achieve Lending at just 27 years old after six years of working in the finance industry. His resume boasts time spent at the world’s premier financial firms, with positions in investment banking, private equity, angel investing, and consulting. After leaving his job in angel investing to pursue entrepreneurship and form his own financial technology company, Kors now aims to build the ‘Kayak’ for education loans and empower Achieve Lending users by providing financial education on the loan process and terminology.

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